For YWAMers

If you’re a student, volunteer or staff with YWAM, you might have a few questions.

The following sections can help answer some of those questions.


Documents for YWAMers. Here are all the foundational YWAM documents, some significant “signpost” messages, plus a few helpful documents just for YWAMers.

Support Raising. Learn how to raise support and where to get your support processed.

Next Steps After the DTS. Resources and ideas for what to do after the outreach is over.

Evangelism, Bible and Mission Resources. Do you want to share your faith, translate or distribute the Bible, or work in areas untouched by the gospel? If so, these resources can help.

YWAM Facebook Page. A global Facebook group for YWAM.

YWAM Knowledge Base. On YWAM’s Knowledge Base website, share your expertise or learn from others.

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