YWAM Aruba has different ministries, and we are looking to expand. Our goal is to connect to local initiatives that match our calling and work together to help the people of Aruba.

Family Ministry

God’s love and a healthy relationship between husband and wife are the basis for a healthy family. We believe God gives us clear directions in His Word on the why, how and what of families. The YWAM Aruba community has a calling to focus on families. We want to help families establish a higher level of love, trust, and joy and help restore broken families. We want to encourage families to experience this by having fun, playing together and learning together. We will teach people what it means to be a family; what makes a family healthy, what is the Fatherheart of God and how does it show in a family, how to develop talents within a family, how can a family be an important aspect of a community (without overstepping its own boundaries), how does a family worship and learn more about God together. We want to help families find their calling and/or goals as a family and help prepare them to go into missions into every sphere of society.


In Aruba there are many broken families. With a sky-high divorce rate, many one-parent-families, domestic violence and child abuse, this country needs healing in many places. One of the things we provide is counseling in the areas of marriage, family, and trauma. Our counseling provides safety for people to share their hearts. By giving space to process and grieve, we help people to find a new perspective in life. 


Marriage Couples Night
Together with Cas di Oracion, we organize a Marriage Couples Night every year. We love to tell how God redeemed our marriage and now uses it in a mighty way to help other couples. This year, one of the themes is Love & Respect. It is beautiful to see how God gives purpous to both the husband and his wife, and that each of them have a specific role and God given talents. In this way God shows us how we can help each other and lay down our lives for one another when we are married.

Marriage Course
During the Marriage Course, couples get important information about how to have a healthy marriage. In eight sessions, subjects like “the art of communication”, “conflict resolution”, and “the power of forgiveness” are explaned in videos and a book. Although several couples can attend this course, the set-up of this evening is very private. Every couple can work through the video’s and the book themselves, and there is no obligation to share anything about your own life with other couples. Each session starts with having a meal together. Please, get in contact with us if you’re interested in building your marriage in a healthy and strong way.

Hearing the voice of God
In this course, people learn that God is a Father who thought of you before He created everything. He loves us unconditionally, and because He is Love and we are His children, He longs to communicate with us continiously. In four meetings we talk about relationship, ways in which God speaks, getting ready, and how to put listening to God’s voice into practice. Please, contact us if you’re interested in getting a closer relationship with your Almighty Father.

Bible Summer School
We love to teach about knowing God and making Him known in a Bible Summer School. This school, which we hope to organize again this Summer, is meant for young people. During one week, we teach about The nature and character of God, Hearing God’s voice, The Father heart of God, God’s redemptive plan, and last but not least, Missional living. After these teachings (mon-fri), we will organize an outreach on Saturday. It is a real blessing to see young people being willing to share the gospel with others.

ONE San Nicolas

In this ministry, we drive with our YWAM Aruba van through San Nicolas. Together with other organizations, we connect with homeless and addicted people, women in prostitution, and poor families in The Village and other areas. We provide them with food, talks, prayers, and other things they need. It is a blessing to be able to connect to the people in this community, to show God’s love to them, and to help them to find purpose in their lives. Other organizations and churches that are involved in this project of community building are The Hub, Huntu Ku Nos, New Life Tabernacle, Life Church Aruba, Cas di Oracion, Iglesia Vida Abundante, Circle of Love, Seed of Life Ministries, Prince of Life, and others.

Since 2022, out of this beautiful ministry, which was originally founded by pastora Sandra Hortado (mama Sandra), new initiatives are born under the name ONE San Nicolas. Grateful for the mighty work God is doing in San Nicolas, we help to support, teach and build the community however we can. 

Project Jesus Rocks

Everyone needs to know that Jesus is their Lord and Saviour. He is our Rock, our Foundation in life. It is a blessing to paint this, and other encouraging messages on stones, and spread the good news in this way over the island. Did you find one of our Jesus Rocks in Aruba, post a picture on Instagram with the hashtag #projectjesusrocks. This ministry can be done by anyone. Enjoy!

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