Family Ministry School

Family Ministry School (FMS/FFS)

The Family Ministry School (FMS) or Foundation for Family Studies (FFS) is a 5-month training course, focused on providing a deeper understanding of the Biblical foundations of marriage and family. The FMS/FFS is split in two parts: lecture phase and outreach assignment. During lecture phase, students will receive high quality teaching from international speakers and tools that will help them minister to families. After lecture phase students fulfill an 8-week assignment, setting up Family Ministries at a YWAM base or local ministry organization. In this way they can apply the principles and concepts they have learned during the lecture phase. The FMS/FFS is run by YWAM Aruba in cooperation with YWAM Family Ministries International (FMI). YWAM Aruba provides a family-friendly framework for the school. Students and their children will be integrated as an important part of our community.


FMS / FFS – We have currently no school planned.
Starts  –  To be decided


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